LAB500Laboratory Core Saw

Laboratory Core Saw for Asphalt and Concrete samples

An innovative solution for cutting asphalt and concrete samples. LAB500 is designed with a focus on quality, precision, and user-friendliness.

Since the machine is built from the ground up for cutting samples, we’ve been able to make it very compact. With a protective enclosure, the machine is only 152x82cm in size and 172cm in height.

The machine is available with a single or double blade.

Three world-unique innovations are the foundation of the machine. Our sample holders, quick change system, and blade guard mounted on the rolling table. Learn more about all three below.


We understand that every laboratory has its unique needs, which is why LAB500 is designed to be customizable. When you order LAB500, you have the opportunity to tailor the machine to your specific requirements.

You can choose between a single blade or double blades, different water supply options, protective enclosures, and blade guards, various sample holders, automatic or traditional cutting methods, different blade sizes, and motor options. Create your own unique LAB500 that perfectly suits your needs.

Core Sample Holders

The bottom radius perfectly fits the core samples from our asphalt core drills FAW. Standard sizes are for Ø100 and Ø150 samples. Once the sample is placed in the holder, it is securely locked with a rubber-coated aluminum bracket.

Besides safety, the most significant advantage of our holders is that the risk of the sample breaking at the bottom during cutting is eliminated. No more discarded samples that need to be re-drilled!

We have been manufacturing these holders for over 20 years and have improved them continuously. All materials are chosen to withstand water and residues from cutting.

Quick change system

We have developed a system with a rail mounted on a rolling table. Our core sample holders have four wheels to easily attach to the rail. After making the first cut, the holder is moved laterally, and the second cut can be made. The samples are always of consistent thickness and angle.

It’s easy to switch to a holder for other sample sizes. Just remove the holder entirely from the rail and attach another. It takes seconds.

Previously, all our lab saws were built with double, or sometimes even triple blades. To change the size of the cut sample, one had to unscrew the outer blade, clean the blades and spacers, move the spacers, and reassemble. Each core holder was also securely mounted on its own rolling table, so to switch to a holder for different diameters, one had to lift off the heavy rolling table and replace it with another.

Blade Guard on the Rolling Table

This feature is designed to protect your hands and fingers when changing the sample.

When working with a saw, it can be sensitive to come into contact with the blade. To minimize the risk of injuries, we have equipped the rolling table with a blade guard that effectively shields your hands. With this guard, you can work safely and securely with the machine, knowing that your hands are protected from potential hazards.

You don’t have to wait for the blade to stop before safely changing the sample.

Automatic Cutting

For an even smoother and more efficient workflow, we offer LAB500 in an automatic version. With a simple push of a button, you can start automatic cutting. The machine automatically adjusts speed and pressure to cut your samples as quickly as possible. Water is automatically turned on and off during cutting, making the process seamless and convenient. If you prefer not to be in the same room as the machine, the control panel can be mounted outside the door to avoid noise and dust.

Watch the video below when two Ø100 samples are cut in 47 seconds.


LAB500 is developed and manufactured in Robertsfors, Sweden. We have been producing machines, diamondblades, core drills, and accessories since 1968.